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Pool club meets every Wednesday at the Legion at 7:00 pm.

How to join the league

Visit the Powell River 8-ball League sign-up page: http://powellriver.pplms.ca/join/howtojoin.aspx

There are a few ways to join our league.
1. If you want to start a team you need to contact the President or Vice President. There may or may not be any vacancies for a whole team however so usually the best way to join is as an individual player on the Spare list.

2. Individuals have the option to be picked up as:
a) a regular player or a spare player for specific team, or as
b) a spare player for the league in which case you may be asked to play by any team that is short-handed for a match.

If you are a spare player and a team finds you to be a good fit they may invite you to join them as a regular player. Spare players for the league will be added to the spare list page in this site, with phone number which needs to be current.

For more info go to: www.powellriverpplms.ca.
All contact info is on that web site.